About Us

Our team of client focused technology consultants have more than 19 years’ experience in Managing , Consulting and Training, having primarily worked with many global organisations and telecommunication operators.

Bringing technology understanding to our clients , simplifying the process

We developed this business to bring technology understanding to our clients , simplifying the process of implementation of designs and develop competency to fully comprehend the technology

We have a combined experience exceeding 50 years of working across the globe from Japan, China, Australia, South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas in various technology solutions and we have enhanced our delivery to reflect the best practices we have gained.

Why us?

  1. Our Experience

Our excellent delivery capabilities has been proven in many global locations and we have results which can be demonstrable in delivering on time and on scope.

  1. Independent Solutions

We provide solutions that are independent and allows you, our client to make decisions that are vendor neutral .

  1. Current Best of Breed

Our extensive industry experience and global contact of expert staff enable us to source the right person for the right jobs.This enables us to provide solutions that are current and at the forefront of technology. We advise you on optimal processes so that your decision can best support your business

  1. Proven Competence Development

Our trainers provide you with the required competence development solutions that enable your staff to be trained, capable and and enhance their morale